Eloquence Communications, Inc.
Eloquence Communications, Inc.
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Industry: Healthcare Technology

Founded: 2009

Eloquence Communications is a health care IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care through the development of innovative and simple communication solutions. Eloquence is committed to helping health care facilities achieve optimal staffing allocation and work flow efficiency while driving improvements in patient communication, safety, outcomes, and satisfaction. Eloquence implements evidence-based health care IT solutions that deliver greater specificity, precision, transparency, and language access.

Eloquence Communications was founded by two physicians, Lance Patak and Bryan Traughber, who have lived the problems that our products are designed to solve. Before becoming a doctor, Dr. Patak spent years working in nursing care as both an aide and RN and understands the unique challenges nursing staff and patients face every day to communicate effectively and efficiently. Dr. Traughber has spent years involved in the research and development of new medical technologies and understands the key challenge of developing technologies that are not only technically powerful, but also simple to implement and to use.